New Health Normality

  • Exclusive platform for corporate events.
  • Virtual development.
  • New technologies.
  • Sanitation and hygiene protocols established by the federal government. These are complied with, and implemented by all our employees and supplier partners. (Entertainment, a/v equipment, land transportation, set designs, simultaneous translation, catering, etc.)
  • Implementation of global sanitation and hygenic protocols to insure the security and safe return of our local and foreign clients.
  • Locations and Venues that comply with protocols:
  1. Employees trained to follow new safety, hygiene and cleaning protocols.
  2. Implementation of the highest standards in hygiene and cleanliness in all common areas.
  3. Social distancing (Marked-out) at consumption centers, rooms, halls and all common areas.
  4. Digital menus.
  5. On-going sanitation in all areas.
  6. Medical services .
  7. Signage about new protocols that all attendees can see.
  8. Flexible negotiations. (Costs, changes dates, cancellations)
  • COVID-19 contingency souvenirs are available for attendees to use during the event. (Face masks, face shields, goggles, antibacterial gel, gloves, infrared thermometers)
  • Safe integration (Team Building) activities.
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